Made in Denmark

Quality, Experience, Variation, Speciality, Design, Versatility
& Cooperation. All by customer design.

Versatile production

Machineknitting, Knitting-by-Hire, Patentknitting, Jacquardknitting,
Fully Fashion Knitwear, Corporate Clothing and more.

Knitting by customer design

We produce exclusively in cooperation with our customers by their designs.

Comprehensive quality

Sweaters, tunics, dresses, jackets, accessories and
more of the highest quality.

Success since 1949

We have delivered quality knitting for decades, both
nationally and internationally.


We have been around since 1983, but the company's roots began in 1949. Back then it was called V. Nørgaard Hansen, and was formed by Vagner and Ninna Nørgaard Hansen. They started small with clothing articles for the Danish market, but later the factory was expanded. The growing factory put focus beyond the Danish borders, and created a market in Scandinavia.

In 1983, we took over the company, and named it OK Babystrik. The factory was expanded once again, and additional equipment was purchased to complement the growing company. Ambitions and dreams gave us the desire to strengthen our market offerings and service additional countries in a growing market.

Our production started with a production of baby knitwear and we had our own collection. But due to pressure from the Eastern market, we shifted focus onto the production of children's and adult clothes. It was the start of our business model of high quality and branded products, created through effective collaboration with leading designers.

In 2001 we saw the opportunity to create a workroom in Poland, and thus we were able to expand our production even further. Today we can supply products across Europe.

Kristian Nørgaard Hansen


Ole Nørgaard Hansen

Technical Design Executive