Made in Denmark

Quality, Experience, Variation, Speciality, Design, Versatility
& Cooperation. All by customer design.

Versatile production

Machineknitting, Knitting-by-Hire, Patentknitting, Jacquardknitting,
Fully Fashion Knitwear, Corporate Clothing and more.

Knitting by customer design

We produce exclusively in cooperation with our customers by their designs.

Comprehensive quality

Sweaters, tunics, dresses, jackets, accessories and
more of the highest quality.

Success since 1949

We have delivered quality knitting for decades, both
nationally and internationally.


We produce exclusively for customer related design. Through strong cooperation with the customer's own designers, we create quality products with high standards. We advise on product development, production and the selection of commodity suppliers. We specialize in products and merchandise made ​​in Denmark from the finest materials.

Machinery & Inventory

Our factory is distinguished by a diverse factory and varied storage. We have our own pattern machine (Super Micro SDS 2), and possess Japanese Kompact-machines (Shima Seiki + Full Width Machine (230 cm) in gauge 10). We knit and produce in 5, 7, 8, 10 og 12 (gauge). Thus, we can produce many different types of severity/thickness.

We have a varied and extended inventory of high quality. We offer eco-tex certified yarn in 100% natural. Our inventory includes wool, cotton, merino wool, lambswool and more.

Knitting & Production

We provide knitting in many different forms. Below is a list of the varied types of work we produce:


We knit and produce numerous products, both for adults and children. In terms of age we manufacture knitwear from 1year to adults. Common to them all is high quality, developed jointly with designers. Here is a list of some of the products we work with:




Made in Denmark

With a factory in Denmark and a workroom in Poland, we can quickly redirect production to customer needs. This means quick delivery, and enables the production of small units. Knitting and design takes place in Denmark, and decades of experience ensures a versatile specialty.

We manufacture and supply both nationally and internationally, with particular emphasis on Scandinavia and Germany. Focus lies on products of the highest quality, and our machinery are available for the development of new models.